Company Profile


Sage Metals Ltd was incorporated in 1983. It has its registered office in Delhi, India. The company has a very dedicated team of technical and commercial persones who have helped to grow the company. The major products manufactured and exported by the company are drain fitting, industrial application, automotive parts applications. It has facilities for aluminium and zinc alloy hot and cold chamber diecastings, sand castings of copper alloys and iron, investment  cast parts of copper alloy and stainless steel, stamping of crc pipes and sheets. 


We are a 30 years old, Delhi, India based manufacturer and exporter of ;

Fully machined/Assembled.

Sand Castings- Copper,Aluminum/Zinc alloys
High Pressure Die Castings- Aluminum, Zinc and Brass
Investment Castings- Stainless Steel/Copper alloys
Gravity Die Castings- Aluminum alloys
Stampings- Thickness Upto 8mm thick
Tubular components- O.D upto 125 mm

Industries Covered:

Electrical Hardware including overhead transmission and pole line,
General Industrial,Automobile,Sanitary,Plumbing and Sprinkler industries

Export Destinations:

USA,Canada,LatinAmerica,France,Germany,Italy,UK,Middle-East,Philippines and Australia.


Sagemetals at a Glance


Sage Metals ltd the 26 years old, New Delhi, India based manufacturer and exporter.


the company has a great team to support across all functions. the company has a very good retention record.

R & D

The company has manufacturing and testing facility in Delhi. It is staffed by capable team of engineers who ensure the products are reliable.

Focus Areas

customer responsiveness, services and delivery at low cost, introduse low cost and high quality products in high volume in market.